A Raid on Muji

Muji sheets

Feeling good this weekend because I have finally "konmaried" the bedding situation. Said good bye to a bunch of sad looking pillow cases and figured out what needs to be added.

What pushed me to do this was the sale at Muji - 20% off bedding (until August 13)! Love their minimal gray cotton bedding (they call that color "brown") and figured that this is the right time to do the inventory and make the purchases. Also, usually, Muji stores are always out of the sizes I need but this time they had everything - a miracle. So, 8 pillow cases, 2 fitted sheets and duvet cover later, I am very happy and the crispy new sheets feel so nice!

Also love the following about these purchases:
  • around $50 for a Queen size duvet cover - not bad! Usually these things are expensive
  • duvet cover has a zipper - this is interesting; we'll see how it goes but I am certainly not a fan of unbuttoning and buttoning these when doing laundry
  • no horrible plastic envelope or any kind of packaging for these, except for the labels
  • happen to be organic
  • no need to buy the whole set and being stuck with flat sheets; I haven't used those in years - an article in GQ opened my eyes to their utter uselessness
I bought a lot of pillow cases because we tend to destroy them. Someone, let's not name names, must be using some kind of product that leaves bleached spots on the pillows and towels and someone tends to drool in his sleep. That same someone sleeps so aggressively that he tends to partially take the case off the pillow - my solution for this is putting two cases on with openings to opposite sides. #wifeproblems

What the Health

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Have you seen What the Health yet? (streaming on Netflix also) If not, make sure to watch it! As a long-time vegan I learned a lot from this movie. The most shocking thing for me were the amazing transformations the three patients went through in just two weeks. Got off all the drugs! The sad thing is that we have family members that are now suffering from the effect of plaque reaching the brain - dementia, Alzheimer's. When the first symptoms appeared, we pleaded for changes - dietary and getting of dangerous drugs, such as statins. I wish we had this documentary as another tool to help persuade them.

Three for Saturday: Plant Edition

Three things I want to share:
  • I don't buy cucumba that often, but the video above certainly persuades to always have it on hand.
  • Banana's trip towards my stomach.
  • If everyone ate beans instead of beef - one major way to resist Trump and his planet destructive policies.

Three for Saturday: Dalai, Longevity & Italian

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Three things I want to share:
  • Dalai Lama has an Instagram account.
  • This longevity expert (just passed away at 105 years old):
    "He imposed few inviolable health rules, though he did recommend some basic guidelines: Avoid obesity, take the stairs (he did, two steps at a time) and carry your own packages and luggage. Remember that doctors cannot cure everything. Don’t underestimate the beneficial effects of music and the company of animals; both can be therapeutic. Don’t ever retire, but if you must, do so a lot later than age 65. And prevail over pain simply by enjoying yourself."
  • This Italian course. Anyone wants to join me and complete it together?

Night School

I got to see about ten documentaries combined at this year's and last year's Tribeca Film Festival. The one that I loved the most was Night School from 2016. I kept checking for release dates or the trailer, at least, but nothing was announced until recently - the film finally got purchased by a distributor and is now available for streaming.

So many documentaries at Tribeca are about famous or somewhat famous subjects and are so full of egos. This one, however, is such an honest and humble movie without any pretense. Highly recommended!

Three for Saturday: Stralling Dogs, Milan Grandma & a Great Whistler

Three things I want to share:

About Last Night

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Such a good concert last night for Sufjan and Co.'s Planetarium album! Sufjan was preaching about putting more effort on exploring the universe that is inside of us. I know, Sufjan, I know. Working on that.

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Three for Sunday

Three things I loved recently:
  • The adorable vegan themed illustration above.
  • A Gathering for Introverts - someone pinch me, is this really happening? I've had an idea for years to start a similar meetup group where three vegan couples would go out for dinner that would also be non-alcoholic (alcohol just dumbs everything down, IMHO).
  • About to start this book: Goodbye, Things, because less is more.
P.S.: I updated my meditation journal. I don't do it weekly anymore, as I found that my mind tends to dwell a lot on how I will write experiences down, rather than being present in them 100%.

Three for Saturday

Three things I loved recently:
  • Discovered Andrew Bird for myself. The song above (featured in The Young Pope, by the way) really grew on me. Something about it makes me want to listen to it again and again. And this album is so nice too. I went into an "Andrew Bird" Internet black hole yesterday, complete with browsing his wife's Instagram. :)
  • Behind the scenes at the Met. How cool!
  • This photo represents my state of mind well. It is now my new desktop background, for sure. :)